Neutralize Professional

We know how much you value having beautiful, clean-looking floors for your space. But something that’s even more valuable right now? Clean air. And that starts with clean surfaces. That’s why there’s Neutralize™ Pro: our commercial flooring installation system that helps eliminate viruses from your floor’s surface—giving you that all important trust in your air.™


Why Neutralize™ Pro?

Whether you’re installing new floors, or simply want your space to be truly clean, our proprietary installation system kills mold, mildew and germs—including 99.9% of viruses, like COVID-19.

We’re Certified

Neutralize™ Pro technicians are trained to implement our proprietary system and will ensure your space meets Indoor Air & Surface® Quality Standards. So you can breathe easier.

Fresh or Refresh

Don’t need new floors? You can still benefit from Neutralize™ Pro. Enjoy HEPA vacuuming, plus an application of disinfectant that helps kill 99.9% of all viruses. And we’ll follow up periodically to make sure you’re happy.

How it works

Our seven-step system gives you beautiful new floors, and trust in your air.™ Our certified technicians will:

VACUUM your subfloor with a HEPA-certified vacuum.

IONIZE which scrubs your air of particles to within 0.3 microns (an optional upgrade).

APPLY an antimicrobial coating to the subfloor, eliminating dust mites, allergens, and more.

INSTALL your beautiful new flooring, for that fresh clean look.

SUPPLEMENT with a second round of HEPA-certified vacuuming.

DISINFECT with an application that eliminates 99.9% of viruses, including COVID-19.

MAINTAIN standards by returning periodically to vacuum and apply disinfectant (an optional upgrade).


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